I’m a Cheater: How I Became Seduced by Beer

Sorry, wine, I know you have always been the one I sought after…and the one I chose.

But it’s been a long hot summer, and beer is so cold and tingly. Mostly I’m talking IPAs that backhand slap you with bitter hops flavors then tickle you with floral herbaciousness. Then there are those delicate seasonal saisons I keep sipping at backyard barbecues.

Just try to spend a summer writing and editing about the incredibly vibrant craft beer scene in Portland and not be seduced by pint after pint of cool brew. For me, Lucy Burningham’s vivid beer writing was like Danielle Steele novels must have been for so many lonely women. It’s no surprise that at the end of the work day, her (Lucy’s not Danielle’s) words sent me barging through my front door, tripping over the dog, to get to whatever beer was waiting in my fridge.

My role in Hop in the Saddle was to be the straight up bicycle expert. But something happened along the way. I fell in love. Disgustingly. Like icky teenager-style infatuation mixed with deep-dip-kiss, become-my-life 20-something swooning. It’s so bad. I mean good. Pour me another.



5 thoughts on “I’m a Cheater: How I Became Seduced by Beer

  1. Ladies,

    Super cool! I am excited to read this one! I always love reading Ellee’s writing and I look forward to Lucy’s contribution (I need to look up some of your works after Ellee’s description).

    Please be sure to consider Harvester Brewing. They are the only exclusively gluten free brewer in the US and possibly in the world. Their beer is really good. Jame and John do great work and their story and inspiration for starting to brew gluten free was Ana, Jame’s partner. Good stuff and right here in SE Portland. Their shop is 7th and Lincoln!

    Nice guys doing great work and for those of us who are gluten free it is amazing to have a selection of yummy truly gluten free beers.


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  3. Ladies,
    Even though my girlfriend still prefers wine, I’m delighted every time she tells me, ‘Let’s go to Revolution Brewing, I like their beer!’
    I’ve never been to Portland, but if I go there, I’ll need a good guide. Your book will definitely do.
    And if you find yourself in Chicago, I’ll buy you a pint or three of Cross of Gold (or an IPA, if you prefer 😉

    • Thanks, Serge! We’ll take you up on your offer if we find ourselves in the windy city. Cheers!

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